Fagron specialised solutions

With our innovative and customised solutions, our customers can benefit from the strength and scale of a large global network that is geared towards the particular needs of our customers. Fagron industry’s broad range of pharmaceutical raw materials and related services offers a ‘total conditioning solution’. To help us provide our customers with a solution, we have developed a number of features and services.

Standard presentations

Extensive range of products covering various sectors, including the pharmaceutical, nutrition, cosmetic and veterinary industries. The Fagron standard range consists of more than 2,500 products.

All products are fully tested by Fagron and various pack sizes are available.

Your benefit: Single source-multiple choices!

Specials / Bulk

The pharmaceutical raw materials in the Fagron range are available in standard presentations, but can also be conditioned in any size you require, from 1 gram to bulk packs. These special request pack sizes are conditioned according to the GMP standards. Please contact us when you would like to receive more information about the available bulk sizes.

Your benefit: Efficiency; no weighing a single pack in a single batch.

Tailor-made solutions

Fagron has more than 150 cleanrooms where ingredients are not only conditioned for its own branded vehicles, but can also be sampled, listed and filled under privatelabels in quantities that precisely match your production process or requirements.

Your benefit: Free your working capital.

Spot sales

Global sourcing of high quality pharmaceutical raw materials. You require a product that is not listed in our standard range? A new molecule or a formulation which has now expired? Fagron’s expertise and global network enables us to meet your specific requirements. Our products are supplied in the original manufacturer’s packaging and with the original certificate of analysis. We guarantee complete transparency.

Your benefit: Extensive supplier database, group purchasing power and established relationships. Freedom from the hassle of sourcing and the right material at the right time.